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  1. Sehnsucht (German) is the longing or yearning for something unachievable by someone, be it love or some of the motives common in the romanticism like travel and freedom.
  2. Sep 07,  · A metalworker and volunteer firefighter, who is content with his marriage to his childhood sweetheart, sees his life turn upside down when he falls in love with an attractive waitress from a nearby town. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis/10().
  3. Jan 13,  · The songs on Sehnsucht are: Sehnsucht, engel (featuring German pop singer Bobo), tier, bestrafe mich, du hast, bück dich, spiel mit mir, klavier, alter mann, eifersucht and küss mich (fellfrosch). There are also 2 bonus tracks that are not listed on the back of the album, and they are the English versions of engel and du hast/5().
  4. Sehnsucht (meaning "longing") is the initial tune that introduces you to the rest of the album, which steadily gets better and better and better! Listen for creepy sounds, vocal manipulations, and perhaps the catchiest sounding songs ever in songs like "Engel", "Spielt mit Mir" and so on/5().
  5. SEHNSUCHT [BJYX+ZSWW] Fanfiction. An unexpected encounter with an unfading event bringing two hearts together as one. Wang Yibo / Xiao Zhan (for ZhanYi readers), the young CEO and heir of Wang/Xiao group of companies slowly learning to fall in love again after his bitter full past.
  6. Sehnsucht haben to have a longing or yearning Declension Sehnsucht is a feminine noun. Remember that, in German, both the spelling of the word and the article preceding the word can change depending on whether it is in the nominative, accusative, genitive, or dative case. For further information, see Collins Easy Learning German Grammar.
  7. Sehnsucht is the second album by Rammstein. It was released on August 22, , in Germany and on January 13, , in the USA. Whilst being the second album of the band, "Sehnsucht" was their debut album in the USA, and was promoted as such. The recording of the album began in November , when Rammstein and their long-time producer, Jacob Hellner, entered Temple Studios in tadernetsdifhakeveabpelighperkagip.cos: x18px.

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